June 26th, 2004

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thanks to the wonderful jeni's momma, the papasan chair now has a base. huzzah. i think i have a new favorite place to sit in the house.

of course, now the chair is too big for where it was sitting... some rearrangement might be in order. if i had space in my room, i'd be tempted to copy Ginger and use it for a desk chair. but there is no way, there's just space for the desk and futon as is.

it's pissing rain out there, and has been since i got up at quarter of nine... don't think i'm going anywhere much today.
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today, i've:

  • got up at a reasonable hour
  • run two loads of dishes
  • made tea and juice, so that we're not living another week on just water. not that there's anything wrong with water, but
  • popped the windows, gotten some fresh air, and aired out the damned house.
  • eaten something vaguely resembling three meals, which i don't always manage on weekends
  • called friends and made plans to be social, instead of hiding in the house all weekend
  • cleaned off the bookshelf in my room
  • taken out the kitchen and bathroom trash
  • sorted out clothes, including a pile for goodwill and a pile of stuff that i'm not wearing because of the weather. i actually have closet space now.
  • talked to my Jeff a lot, which is good for us.
  • played some age of empires, which is good for me - i've got to remember that i can't do homework 24/7
  • finished my first history chapter and notes
  • written, proofread, and posted my first history posting
  • started my pysch website eval assignment
  • finished my second posting for psych, which isn't even due until tuesday, though the board is open tomorrow
  • done a little reading. why did i put off reading The Hobbit for so long?

Tonya and George are here. woot. :)
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