June 23rd, 2004

much less bitchy

i'm feeling much less bitchy today. gah. stupid pms.

after work, i met up with supremegoddess1 at Cup o Joe. we sat around for an hour and chattered. i'm sure the hot chocolate helped with the bitchiness, too. she dropped me off at home, and i jumped headfirst into homework... i'm starting to feel slightly less overwhelmed. i think my first discussion response for psych is too long, but my classmates can shove off and deal.

Jeni made a wonderful dinner: pork chops with balsamic vinegar sauce, parmaeson mashed potatoes, and corn on the cob. i like this whole her having evenings off thing. :)

my hair is getting long enough that i have to pin it back or my bangs get on my nerves. i'll be happy when it's long enough to pull back again.

i should get back to homework.
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