June 21st, 2004

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the Ridge Road pool? not so good. no lockers at all, and no adult lanes either - the flipping teenage swim team was in them all, even though there were adult lap lanes listed on their sign as being open. pft. i spent about 25 minutes paddling around the open end of the pool, dodging the parents and their kidlings, before i gave up and headed in, walking home with a stop by Whole Foods. the swimming was unmotivated but good for me. ditto for the walk.

dinner was a mess of udon noodles and squash and peanuts and tomatoes and cheese and other stuff. it sounds odd, but it was terribly good. and i've leftovers for tomorrow.

i really should be cleaning my room or getting a jump start on my reading for school tomorrow, but we can all see how far i'm getting on either of those goals...
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