June 16th, 2004


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so we get to the pool tonight, walk in, hand the counter dudsie our passes, and he says "you might want to think twice about that, we only have two lanes open for laps and it's dead crowded."

we go take a look, and yea, massive people. well, hell. "is it going to be like this tomorrow? it wasn't last week." "yea." "and next week?" "pretty much the rest of the summer, we've got swim classes going on."

well, hell.

so we grab a brochure, look at the list of pools, and decide to trudge down to the pool on Athens Drive and see how it looks. we weren't going to go in, but we got there and it wasn't very crowded, so we did. the dressing rooms were skankier than the pool at Pullen, but it was a hell of a lot less crowded. it's an outdoor pool, which was kind of nice. the lanes are smaller; we kept bumping into each other.

next week, we'll go check out the pool at Ridge Road and see how it is.


there are organizational changes going down at work, again. wheeee. in all honesty, i can't decide if i want to be org'ed out of a job or not, though that doesn't seem to be in the cards at the moment. i'm pretty indifferent on the point.


i want my yarn to start my next project. however, there's going to be no good chance for me to acquire it between now and when i go home this weekend. which is a pity, because this weekend would be an excellent time to start it.

Tonya, what size are those needles of mine that you have? i don't need them back, i'm just trying to inventory.


after the swimming, Amber came over. we fed her salad for dinner and played Fluxx. it was a good visit.


i've been exhausted all day, like, falling asleep at my desk and on the bench waiting for Jeni at the pool exhausted. i'm going to bed. of course, i'm not feeling sleepy now that i can go to bed... *sigh*
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