June 13th, 2004

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i don't normally do these things, but i got curious about how many i'd read, so i gnarfed the list from ambermae. since i can't leave well enough alone, mine had commentary too.

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i need to get a needle sizer so i can stop peering quizically at my knitting needles, trying to remember what the hell size they are. you'd think they'd be marked in some way. (or that i could be arsed to keep them in containers they come in.)

i also have a load of blue yarn leftover, both woolease and homespun, since i thought the shawl was going to take more than it did. i need to go get a crate or tub or something, keeping things on my closet shelves isn't working so well.
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it's all cloudy out there but not storming, and still plenty warm, so i got a gift earlier: the complex pool mostly to myself then all to myself. i read for awhile then stuck myself in the water for a few minutes. it was very very nice.

this morning and early afternoon were all productive - laundry, putting away laundry, dishes, straightening up, talking to Jeff, grocery store. this evening has been not so productive but nice - the pool, and reading (finished a book, yay) and a bubble bath and fixing up a dinner just to suit me (Jeni's off at game) - a big heaping bowl of tomato and artichoke pasta, and what could be loosely defined as sangria. it's been a good day.
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