June 12th, 2004


i lost my knitting foo awhile ago. i seem to have found it again, much to my delight.

i just finished a big fat stockinette stitch scarf, in this and a plain brown acryllic yarn. it's really pretty. pictures forthcoming, as soon as i find the cord for my camera. i have enough left over of both to make a matching hat, which will be doubly nice, since i already made a moss stitch scarf out of the Homespun, so the hat will match two scarves.

i'm working on a shawl for my mom's birthday (link gnarfed from craftyrose), in this and this held together on size 17s. it's turning out nicely and fast - getting done by next weekend shouldn't be a problem. it's a little squishier than i wanted, but mom'll like it. next time, i'll either add a third yarn or go down to size 15s (well, after i rescue my 15s from my roommate).

after the shawl, next will probably be the hat mentioned above. i also want to make this. i've been wanting to make scarves lately - they're fast and it's an easy way to play with new stuff. i'm going to end up with more scarves than anyone needs. i can probably start storing up Christmas presents, though half the folks i would normally give scarves to (including my sisters, *waves*) insist that it's not cold enough in north carolina for them.

mmm, yarn.
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this morning was sleeping late (10 glorious hours of sleep, more or less) and working on cleaning my room and running yet another load of dishes (i don't know where the hell they keep coming from) and sorting laundry and other mundanities. (unfortunately, i never got around to doing the laundry, so it's still sorted on my bed. whoops.) gorski came over in the afternoon, and he and i and Jeni and Huxley wandered to the farmer's market and Sam's. we came back here and watched Amadeus, which turned out to be a good movie to knit through. (that shawl i was worried about finishing by this weekend? it's done, and it's gorgeous. mom is going to love it.) about the time it was finishing, ambermae called. i packed up my picnic stuff, she came over and picked me up, we hung out at Chris's for a bit, then she and i wandered over to the Art Museum, where they were showing School of Rock on the lawn.

verily, the movie was cute, horribly cheesy in places, but cute. it was worth watching. probably not a rewatch, and not all that and the bag of chips that some people had told me it was, but cute. :)

it's late; i'm tired. sleepy goodness soon.
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