June 11th, 2004

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man, i get bitchy when i haven't gotten enough sleep.

yesterday was very low key. we got up, had breakfast burritos for breakfast, dithered around online for awhile. got dressed, walked out to cup o joe and record exchange for a bit. got Jeff some burger king for lunch. came home to fruit salad and cheese and crackers and watched a couple episodes of West Wing. chicken terriyaki for dinner, and conversation, and a little drinking, and he packed, and some more conversation and cuddling, and eventually we drifted off to sleep.

the alarm went off at 420 (ugh). he packed up the last little bit of stuff. we sat on the couch and held hands. the cab arrived. i shipped him off and tried to go back to sleep. there was about three hours of mostly successful dozing, but no real sleep.

work was short, thankfully. i wandered out to AC Moore to get more yarn for my mom's birthday present and Lowe's for drinkables. (Capital needs more crosswalks, dammit.) home, cleaned the kitchen. Walter showed up, and Jeni got home. i've been knitting and we've all been chatting. they're going to go get pizza, which we'll eat, then everyone else is going to head out to a movie and i'm going to fall the hell over before i kill someone. :)

this weekend i need to clean my room and do laundry, and otherwise plan on reading a hell of a lot and knitting... time for both goes way down week after next when school starts again. there's School of Rock tomorrow at the art museum with Amber, but that's about it for plans.
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