May 23rd, 2004

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today was a lot of reading, some cleaning, a lot of lazing, more reading, a very long walk with gorski around Lake Johnson, fried ravioli for dinner, ice cream with artisanal_xara and feebdaed (key lime cheesecake, which was just incredible) and games and chattering with them and Gorski and ambermae. it was a pretty good day.

and now it's almost 2am, and despite my good intentions, i've thrown off my sleep schedule, which means tomorrow night is going to be bad, so it's time to put in a call to my Jeff and then pass out.

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slept late. went to a Stamp Camp at artisanal_xara's with the Jeni. sat around and chatted. went to the Farmer's Market. shared some hush puppies and tea, and got sugar snap peas, peaches, tomatoes, apples, and carrot cake. between that and the fruit run last week, we are a household afloat in produce.

tonight's plans seem to be being lazy, making cookies, and talking to my Jeff (who will be here in two weeks, huzzah. i'm going daft, missing that boy) and trying to go to bed early.
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crafty types: i have a lovely pair of frosted glass candlesticks. they were sitting on my desk, and i was pulling my laptop off of my desk, and one got wrapped up in the cord and knocked over. this has happened before without consequence, but this time, it broke. it wasn't a simple break, either - i've got three or four large pieces of glass and several smaller ones, so i can't just superglue it together.

so... ideas? is there any sort of really strong epoxy that i could use to bind the two pieces together? (not elegant, but better than my original only half joking thought of duct tape ) could i just use a saw and even up the broken ends, which would make it shorter but gluable together? the damned things weren't cheap, and i don't want to just throw away the broken one.