May 20th, 2004

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tonight was an experiment in cooking... we have these bone-in thighs that we got because they're ultra cheap, but we're too lazy to use them for anything but baked chicken. so i had the bright idea of trying an oven-baked version of hap's Chicken Marsala, on the principle that it would be easier to make (bake chicken, pour over sauce, bake more) and use up some these thighs.

it's certainly not bad, but it's also not nearly as good, either. the chicken is tender, but didn't pick up that much of the wine sauce taste. it probably could have been breaded more, too.

ohwell. it's not bad, but probably not an effective shortcut. i'm glad i didn't make enough for leftovers (we have enough leftovers right now to feed a small nation).

however, turning on the oven to 425 for 45 minutes turned the kitchen to roasting... tomorrow night we're scheduled for French onion soup. i will flee the kitchen for that; at least it doesn't need much tending.