May 19th, 2004

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so, apparently, even though the pool at Pullen Park is indoor, if there's a thunderstorm, they have to make everyone get out and stay out until at least half an hour after the thunder stops. we'd been in about 15 minutes this afternoon when the heavens opened up.

grrrr, i say, grrr. i was just starting to get warmed up.

they at least gave us vouchers for a free swim, since they kicked us out. but i really wanted to go swimming tonight.

so, after we got dressed, we headed over to Cameron Village, and Jeni got a haircut, and we went to Harris Teeter and stocked up on fruit, after realizing that neither of us has really been eating fruit or vegetables lately. HT has fresh pineapple on sale, and oranges, and mangos, and peaches... yay fruit.

of course, talking about all the lovely fruit makes me realize i need more dinner, so off i go... :)