May 15th, 2004

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Jeni had to work the closing shift tonight, which meant that i was able to say unto Huxley "verily, go unto Blue Ridge with me and see a bad action movie, please?" so we did, and went and saw Walking Tall. yes, it was mostly a vehicle for The Rock to look pretty (and oh, so pretty, is he) but it actually had a plot, and it was a lot less fluffy than we expected. it was a worthy use of an hour and a half.

Huxley's off eating lunch with Jeni at work. i'm making tea and staring at the pile of laundry, wondering what it would take to make it do itself...
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LJ as a message board

Ginger! are you having any problems with CS? i'm receiving just fine, and things are showing up in my sent mail, but it doesn't seem like they're reaching their desitination, including test mails to my yahoo account.
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the problem with going to the Food Lion on Avent Ferry at 9 on a Saturday night is that everyone there is there to buy booze. large portions of them are going to be going through the u-scan. everyone going through the u-scan with booze has to be carded - the machine won't continue until the (one cashier for two lines) has come over and scanned her little card and told the machine that yes, you can have your beer. when you are (for once) not in line to buy booze, this can get a little maddening. particularly when the guy in front of you can't figure out how to use his own credit card. by the time i got to the front of the line, i was impatient and bitchy. (not that that's not every day...)

the walk, on the other hand, was nice.
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