April 17th, 2004

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today was artisanal_xara's Stampin Up kickoff open house thing. ambermae had said before Easter that she would let me drive sometime. well, sometime was this morning. :) i drove from my house out to Tonya's place in Cary. it's a hell of an ego boost to drive a stick for the first time in over three years and not stall it out once. =)

we got out there without incident or close calls, and i seemed to do fine. i'm pleased. i might be able to handle this driving thing, after all. the traffic wigged me out a little bit, and having to change lanes bothered me a lot.

when we got there, i was really, really tense. i've got to work on relaxing a bit behind the wheel.
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i watched SWAT tonight. it was yummy. =) i want to be Michelle Rodiguez when i grow up, please and thank you.
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