April 16th, 2004

public bits

the weather finally started behaving today. warm and sunny does such good things for my mood. the beginning of this week kicked my ass.

i've been slack about email and lj and comments lately. if i owe you email or comments, i'm sorry, i'm getting there.

i miss my boyfriend like crazy.

today was nice. i bounced out of work at 12:30, for lack of anything to do. supremegoddess1 called me about then, asking about coffee this afternoon. =) so i went home for a bit, and ate lunch and worked on finding that floor thing i hear so much about, and then walked over to Cup O Joe to meet up with her. we chattered about the states of our lives, then wandered around in Record Exchange, which turned into asking her over for dinner, then wandering around Kmart, looking for a solution to my clothing storage issues (i have less closet than i'm used to, these days). i have hanging shelves now, which should help.

we came home, and ambermae came over for awhile, sitting around and chattering. huxley_boy showed up eventually, and Jeni got home, and Amber ran off since she was getting tired, and we made tacos, and played Fluxx, and it was a lovely evening.
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