April 8th, 2004

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it is incredible outside. just incredible.

work (at the lawyers) has been pretty quiet today... it needs to be the day before a three day weekend every week. because of that, everyone's in a fairly good mood, and because of the quiet, i'm getting caught up on so much backlogged work. it's great. :)

i couldn't eat my lunch outside today because i had to come over to yon other job and cut one of the guys his paycheck. which means i get my net fix, so it's all good.

this is a pretty pointless post, but i'm in a good mood and feeling babbly, so. :)

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we made quesidillas and strawberries and pina coladas for dinner, and now i'm very full, very lazy, and more than a touch sleepy. there's plenty of stuff i should be doing, but the laziness seems to be winning...
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