March 26th, 2004

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so, it's currently 44 degrees (feels 39) in Seattle, according to, and raining, with a high for today of 52. it's supposed to be 77 today in Raleigh. it is predicted to be 71 here by Monday, when i will have left. it's supposed to be back down to 64 and partly cloudy in Raleigh by then.

the weather gods hate me. :)
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so happy i could burst...

i'm wearing my boyfriend's shirt today, because i miscounted by a t-shirt when i packed, and i'm already going to be recycling for the plane ride home. i've been wearing his coats all week. and a sweater. he'll be lucky if i ever let him wear his own clothes, at this rate. ;)

we made eggs and sausage for breakfast this morning, and it was yummy.

we're going to go have lunch with Deb and wander around downtown and Pike Place... he's going to indulge me and let me go to the crack store tea shop.

i am so, so happy... i'm dreading Sunday night. next visit is targetted for June, hopefully, and it'll be him out to there.

life is good.
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- bus ride. yay. :) the best view of Seattle is taking the bus in over the 90.
- Thai food with Deb and Jeff for lunch. Thom Kah, which is chicken soup in coconut milk. so good.
- Pike Place. wandering, talking. Cost Plus, where i got a bottle of cranberry cider for us to split. Market Spice, where i bought an ungodly amount of tea - cinammon, blackberry, northwest breakfast, six herb, peppermint, market chai, apricot, peach, and market spice. i probably would have gotten more, but Market Spice is a teeny store and perpetually crowded, and i lost my patience for dealing with the crowds and pulling jars off the shelves. a newstand where i got my mommy a postcard. more random wandering. coffee for him and Shy Giant for ice cream for me.
- another bus ride. and now we're home.
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so, you really can get 20 plus people into a Red Robin on a Friday night. i was impressed. :)

we did dinner with Grant Anjela Ari me Jeff Ginger Dan Katherine Devin C2 Gretchen Corey Chad Bree Vic Zoe Lyta Heather Heather's Mom C3 Kieth. and fun (seemed to be) had by all. it was good to see some folks i hadn't seen in awhile. i ate french onion soup and french fries, and got to talk to everyone at least some. it was a good evening.

now it's time for pajama pants and rum and OJs. :)
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