March 20th, 2004

good day

we slept late. there was proof that three people can shower consequtively in our shower without running out the hot water. Huxley and Trk and i went and got Golden Dragon. we hit Harris Teeter for booze and cider. we hit Record Exchange to return a movie and rent another (The Life of David Gale). we came home, and commenced drinking, while watching first Life in Translation, which i ended up not liking, then Run Lola Run, which i ended up ignoring because i was making dinner, with a nap in between. Jeni got home in the middle of Lola. i made baked spaghetti and cheesy biscuits for everyone for dinner. we watched David Gale, which everyone seems to have liked (which was nice, as my taste in movies has not agreed with anyone else's on any other points today.)

after David Gale, Jeni requested something light and fluffy (it's a movie about the death penalty and fanaticism. if you haven't seen it, you should watch it. preferably, right now. i'm pro-dealth-penalty and i still like the movie, because Kevin Spacey rocks that much.) (i'm mostly a flaming liberal, but not on that.) so the answer to light and fluffy for the gang was Amelie, which i didn't find remotely light and fluffy the one time i've seen it. so i'm making cookies (which should be just about done) and playing on my laptop parked between the guys and then i'm going to call my Jeff.

somewhere along the way this evening, i had a rum and coke that pushed me over the edge into tipsy, and i didn't stop, so hopefully this'll be mostly coherent in the morning.
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food, cooking

tipsy cookie making

point the first: we have no kitchen timer. which means my tipsy brain has to remember when they went in. and then add the appropriate number of minutes. whoops.
point the two: i couldn't figure out why this batch was taking longer than the last batch. i finally realized i'd turned off the oven after the first batch. whoops again. they seem to be done, though.

in an unrelated note, we've decided that the cat is bi, just like the rest of the household.
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