March 14th, 2004

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so, yesterday i was chattering at gorski on AIM, and mentioned that i needed to get someone to run me somewhere to get bricks and boards to make some damned bookshelves. he said that he had to go to Home Depot anyhow, so if i wanted to tag along...

anyhow, a couple hours later, i had this sitting in my room:

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it's not anything fancy, but it's solid - certainly more solid than bricks and boards would have been - and putting it together was a lot cheaper than buying a solid wood 4 foot 4 foot bookshelf would have been. Chris did most of the building, with me sawing here and hammering there, but i could put one together on my own now, if i wanted to. i think Jeni's eyeing the idea for the living room. i need to stain it up eventually and sand off some of the rough edges.

so i'm pleased. :)

after that was done, we did some homemade pizza and spinach salad. we put in Young Guns, which didn't do much for either of us. lots of people got shot, but there wasn't much else to it, and the in between bits didn't carry the shooting bits. then we ended up at Third Place with Amber and Mark, playing Fluxx. then we started walking around in the area behind Third Place after they closed, chattering. the boys climbed a tree. Mark took off, and the three of us ended up sitting at Amber's place, talking until very very late, until i said i was turning into a pumpkin and it was either take me home or i was going to fall asleep in Amber's living room. :) i got to talk to my Jeff for awhile, and then i went to sleep.

it was a good day.

thoughts on unpacking

1. why did i ship half this stuff across the country?
2. i try not to buy books. how do i have so many books?
3. oh, there's my jewelry box. spiffy.
4. geez, why the hell did i ship this across the country?
5. and my sister's painting. yay. :)
6. i'm never moving again. oh, right. yea i am. in six months.

rinse, repeat. wheeee.
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... by the way, i hereby apologize for anyone that i've ever poked fun at, teased, questioned the sanity of, or whatever, for wanting to buy a house. house envy has kicked in, and hard. i need to stop looking at house listings and torturing myself, because the end of next year is the earliest it can even be thought about, if things go well.

if the baby envy kicks back in next, i'm going to pull my hair out.
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