February 19th, 2004

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mmm, bagels. Bruegger's was running their day-olds two-for-one yesterday, so i got a sack of cranberry-orange ones and a sack of plain ones. for a $1.75. score. =) i guess i know what i'm eating this week.

Tuesday night, Tonya and i went over to gorski's house and watched The Dish, with a couple of other folks. good movie, good evening.

yesterday was better at work... everyone has been in a better mood this week and money is loosening up (which probably has a lot to do with the former). i'm start to settle in and feel like i actually know what i'm doing, and how to handle my bosses.

after work, i dropped off an application for a second job and picked up two more, walking all over kingdom come in the process. i came home, talked to my Jeff and Chris, took a nice long bath, and fell on my face.

today, i've got a rather long to-do, which i'm chipping away at. Jeni actually has today off, and i'm actually feeling social, so we're going to go put in an appearance at the Stitch and Bitch tonight. =)
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