January 31st, 2004

gripe #45682

i have big hips. in fact, i have hips that are out of proportion with my body. this is fine with clothing that doesn't require interaction between the top and bottom halves - pants, skirts, short shirts - but annoying in those that do. like, dresses.

or, oh, t-shirts that have some length to them. like my new sapiosexual t-shirt. i should have ordered a baby doll.
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Jeni had to work today, and huxley_boy was down for the weekend, so i took on the (*ahem*) horrible burden of entertaining him today. =) he picked me up, and we headed over to NC Game Day over at State. We learned how to play Carcassonne, which is reminiscent of Settlers but much simpler, and which i now want. =) the day was apparently mostly being put on by these folks. it was a good afternoon... around 4, i demanded food, lest i become uber hungry bitchy joyce, so we went over to Golden Dragon (mmm, tofu and vegetables and lo mein), then the costume store for him, then Wal-Mart, and then he dropped me off at home so he could go pick up Jeni from work.