January 17th, 2004

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i didn't sleep well last night - was wired at 2 am, finally went to bed around 3, tossed, turned (at least as much as you can on a cot), the whole nine yards. awake at 330, 530, 830, 1000, and a bit in between. so i took a nap this afternoon, knowing it was probably a bad idea, but i was too damned tired not to.

so tonight i was talking to my baby, and i started losing coherency, so i told him i was going to bed. i was getting towards the end of Wolves of the Calla, so i thought i'd read a bit to put myself to sleep, just for a few minutes.

*bzzzt* bad idea. that was an hour and a half ago. the book's done. i'm awake.

i'm going to try to go to sleep anyhow, but. i've got to try to unfuck my sleep schedule before tuesday, if i have to hit myself over the head with a brick to do it.

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i love getting mail. today was my sapiosexual t-shirt (thank you jadine) and one set of w-2s. i need two more sets of w-2s and my tuition information from last year, and then i can do my taxes, and then i can fill out my FAFSA. whee.

i'm spending my afternoon alternately talking to my Jeff and pounding my head on my philosophy homework (we're up to Socrates) and trying to get logjam compiled or installed on my computer. i should go for a walk, but it's cold out there...
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