January 11th, 2004

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- watched burly delivery men wrestle with a fridge. however, unlike last weekend, the mission was successful.
- walked to the library. having to walk to two miles to the library will do wonders for keeping the stack of books to a number that i might actually make it all the way through.
- talked to my Jeff. lots. :)
- took a nice long bath
- knitted. read. watched Down with Love with George and Tonya. finished the Scarf That Would Not End (well, ok, i guess it would end, since i finished it, but) while we did so. it's pretty. :)

oh, and Kieth? you're a freak, and i'm not staying up til 2am to tell you that. :) though how that subject came to be discussed, i'd love to know.


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so, knitting projects completed since i learned how a couple months back:

- Jeff's scarf
- mom's blanket
- sister's blanket
- cousin's hat and scarf
- other sister's hat
- and, today, a scarf for me

in progress:

- the first panel of my mom's birthday afghan. i'm 6 months ahead on this one, whee. :)

up next, since i can't have just one project running at a time:

hrms. i'm not sure... maybe another panel for the afghan. i want to make a blanket for me. i'm supposed to be learning how to make socks, since i promised someone a pair. :) i also kind of want to make this for me, but not in green and pink.

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we went and saw ROTK this afternoon; none of us had seen it yet. it was lovely and sad and happy and yes, i got teary at the end. the second one made me laugh more, but i think i liked both equally well.

and now we're home and i've had some dinner and i'm feeling kind of headachy and kind of tired and kind of grumpy, despite the good afternoon. i don't particularly want to do much of anything but go hide in bed with a book, and after i get the couple of things done that i need to, that's probably precisely what i'll do.

job interview tomorrow. think good thoughts for me, please?
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there seem to be a few bugs in the tripplanner...

Line Origin Start at Destination Arrival at Direction
CAT Bus 4 Wilmington St at Morgan St 2:23pm Hillsborough at Friendly 2:34pm West 1690.38 miles
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