January 6th, 2004

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today was a hell of a lot of running around.

i got up, walked out to the bus, took the bus to State, got off, walked over the Cameron Village library, got a library card (books. booksbooksbooksbooks), printed off the University Temporary Services application (which i should have done last week), filled it out, walked back across campus to Admin Services (which is on the ass end of campus), turned it in, walked back across campus to try to find one my friends that works at State that i went to high school with, missed him, walked to the library, got called by him, saw him, ate, met up with Jeni, hung around reg and records, walked back across campus to Biology and Sociology, walked back to the car, and ran errands.

it was something like 6 miles of walking, all told. i'm going to hurt tomorrow.

i should have found daniel or arlydwycka and said hi, but there was too much other stuff to do.

i know what i paperwork i need to get signed by who to get back into school now. not that it's relevant for another 11 months, but, good to know. the reg and records trip was mostly for Jeni, so.

i have happy wireless goodness thanks to feebdaed now, woot.
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