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So, we finally did the test ride down to campus and back to see how long it took (yes, I was going to do this days ago.) It was about 45 minutes one way, including water stops (which we needed). 11 miles round trip. My shirt was totally and completely soaked when I got home - while it's warm out, I'm going to want to take spare clothes with me. Also, having riden it today, I may very well be too sore to ride tomorrow. :p Thinking I was going to hop straight into riding there and back 3 days a week might've been a little optimistic.

However, it was a nicely laid out bike route - we didn't need the directions at all, the signage was sufficient - with trails for a goodly part of it and nice quiet residential streets for the rest. The most annoying part is crossing Lawndale. :) Otherwise, not bad. Just hot.
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