December 22nd, 2003


Friday afternoon Hope dropped me off in the wilds of Cary. i went to go look at the house and tromped around while waiting for Tonya to get off of work. it was nice; that was the first real alone time i've had in weeks.

Friday night was pizza and painting. Tonya's family came down to help for the weekend. they're spiffy.

Saturday was McDonald's and Wendy's and more pizza and moving a lot of stuff - we got all the furniture and other big stuff done - and spades and starting to learn bridge and meeting Tonya and George's friends Amber and John, who are spiffy too, and getting to see Gorski, which was nice, as it'd been many many moons.

Sunday Tonya's family took off, and the three of us moved more stuff, and then John and Amber came back over and we made taco soup for dinner and there was a bit of drinking and more learning how to play bridge. thus far, it seems insanely complicated but fun.

this morning Hope came up from where she'd been for the weekend, and we came home, and went grocery shopping for her. i have Christmas presents to work on, and then later on tonight we go out to GSO to pick up my cousin Andrew for Christmas (woot!)

for those who care, i will be back down at New Year's, and moving in with Tonya and George at that point. woot. :)
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