November 27th, 2003


so, this morning was spent knitting and MST3King the Macy's parade with Heather and Dwaine. i helped her get dinner together, though she did most of it, and eventually his dad and sister (really nice folks) came over. there was a viewing of Shrek, and then there was turkey and stuffing and rolls and green bean casserole and sweet potatoes, and conversation, and damned good it was, too.

i have a lot to be thankful for, but that'll come later tonight.
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so, i'm thankful for:

  • my wonderful, glorious friends
  • that i had a great Thanksgiving, and that i had friends who could and would share their house with me.
  • my family, who can and will do most anything to help me out. i still wonder if i was dropped on the front porch by aliens, but they're great, and we make each other laugh and take care of each other and make goofy jokes in a way only family can.
  • that i have the luxury of being able to take the next month off, spend it with said friends and family, and job hunt in a fairly leasurely fashion.
  • that i've got myself on track for getting back into school full time, and that i finally know what i want to study.
  • that my mental health, while it still has its ups and downs, is doing remarkably well these days.
  • that i'm an adult, which, while it has its not so great points, also means that i can damned well eat cheesecake for breakfast if i want to. :)
  • that i'm loved, and loved well, from more than one direction; that i'm loved by folks who can take me for me and run with it; that i might just get am getting a crack at something i've wanted for awhile.
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