November 24th, 2003

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yea, that's me, with the rather silly smile on her face.

for now, though, i really need to get off the computer, get dressed, get the last of my stuff packed up and ready to go, and go slog through errands, even if all i really want to do is go back to sleep.
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today was, as often, controlled chaos. i work up feeling like ass, but had stuff to get done. there was dim sum for lunch with Andy and a random drop-by Grand Central to see Heather and others. Heather dropped me off in downtown on her way to run errands, and i did mine: post office, procuring a shirt to wear to the wedding (after 2.5 years in Seattle, i don't own much in the way of dress clothes anymore), to the old house to give Vic and Zoe furniture, library, work to drop off keys and pick up a check (yay money), back home to pick up more stuff with Ginger.

tonight there is going to be Age of Empires and Cold Stone and snuggling.

my brain is utterly refusing to believe that i'm going to be in North Carolina tomorrow, despite the fact that i've known when i was moving for months. in reality, it's gotten more surreal the closer it's gotten.

things aren't turning out exactly the way they were planned, but i think they're going to end up just as good, if not better.