November 17th, 2003


Saturday i spent the morning running training at work then came home and joined the moving process. thank you Corey Grant Anjela Ari Martin for helping our happy little household do its thing.

it spent a lot of the weekend raining. Jeff says that it always rains when it moves. if i'm ever in a moving process that involves him again, we're shipping him to alaska for the weekend, or something.

right, i was on Saturday... we loaded up and moved some more stuff, got lunch at Burger King, then Ginger and i went back to their new place and sorted and put together furniture while the boys ran more stuff. Ginger and Dan fed us all Godfather's, and everyone else watched Resevoir Dogs... Jeff and i bagged out of the movie in favor of sleep. sleep was most definitely needed; i was to the walking into walls stage.

Sunday was more moving stuff, after being fed breakfast and Starbucks (prompting another round of you know, Jeni and i could use a houseboy...). we're done with most of the big stuff; what's left is getting rid of a lot of trash, packing up the last bits of miscellaney, and cleaning. i need to pack up the last of my stuff and address the boxes so that we can take them down to the amtrak station this weekend.

today, i'm at work for awhile, then i get to go eat sushi with the wonderful Ms. seattlejo, then i get to go home for awhile, then Ginger and i are going to go pick up more stuff from the house.
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i was just reminded, for anyone who might have need to call me for the next week (particularly younger sisters who might be reading this :) ) cell reception at Ginger/Dan's/Jeff's is, well, ass-like. so if i don't answer you, i'm not neglecting you, it's just either the phone not ringing, or me avoiding roaming charges, as Jeff's apartment is one big analog roam zone...