November 9th, 2003


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it averaged out to a good day. :)

my body decided that it needed to be awake at eight this morning. this was bad, considering that there was drunkeness last night, and that bed happened at 1, and sleep finally kicked in for good at 3. this was bad. we gave up around 9 and got up, and there was coffee, which was good. i got to spend awhile on the phone this morning with my sister, which was good. i went to work, which was... eh. (actually, it was bad; if there hadn't been work, i could have been in Portland.) it was volunteer appreciation day, so i stood around for two hours watching the volunteers bowl and made polite conversation. i got to come home, which was good. and then Jen drug me and Jeff out for a Gaia Consort show, which was just ... wow. :)

when she'd pitched the idea originally, she said that it was "poly pagan folk rock" which was pretty damned close. i didn't end up deciding to go until i got home from work, but i'm glad i did. the music was really, really, really, really good. (sleep dep does not lend itself to coming up with better adjectives.) the atmosphere was nice, too... everyone was having fun and comfy and happy. there were tons of cute girls (and some guys, too, but more girls). the fiddilist was wearing a kilt, and the celloist was in leather pants. actually, most of them were. rawr.

i'm realizing i'm a lot more comfortable in the poly community than the queer community. i have some thoughts kicking around about why that is, and poly/mono in general, but, i'm too tired to be coherent about it tonight.

after the show, we went to Minnie's. i was going to have dessert, but they didn't have what i wanted, so it was pecan pancakes instead. and very tasty, they were. the food was a good idea - i'd only had one meal today; my stomach's been pitching fits.

and now it's time to go cuddle the kitties and the bunny, and get some sleep.
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more stuff

i have two crappy-assed computers that i got from work a couple jobs ago and never did anything with. no guarantees as to how fast they are or anything, but i think at least one of them is functional, and they would probably make good email terminals. any takers?

i also have more clothes hangers than god, so if anyone wants those, they're welcome to them.
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