November 6th, 2003

(no subject)

mmm, accomplishment.

i went into work just long enough to check email and voicemail and make sure nothing had blown up, and then i realized that i'd rather use today's hours tomorrow and next week. so i left, wandered around to Weaving Works for a bit, left without getting anything, came home, did some homework, found my closet floor, finished off packing a couple more boxes of stuff, did some dishes, started some laundry, stripped the bed, and started a scarf.

go me.

my mom's blanket is half done; i finished the first half at game last night.

i downloaded Chapel Hill's employment application to start in on. i have to account for all time since high school on it. that's going to be fun, really.
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(no subject) is going down for a couple days... please to be directing emails to joyce at livejournal, which will get them to where they need to go.

(i guess that means i need remember to check that account, eh?)
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