October 25th, 2003

a mighty wind blows you and me...

i got out of work and hopped a bus to downtown to a bus to Kirkland, which was supposed to have me to Jeff's place of work at 5:30. well, it took 10 minutes for the bus to merge from the 520 to the 405, and i got reminded of why i'm lucky to live a mile from my job.

i finally got to where i was supposed to be, and we drove out to BFE where his folks live and dropped off some stuff. his mom is spiffy. :) we got dinner (biscuits and gravy and home fries, so good) and came home and watched A Mighty Wind. it was trippy, very funny in places, but overall i think i liked Best in Show better.

and now it's just about time for sleeps...
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one in the morning, a mild addiction to Super Collapse II, and too much to think about do not a pretty combination make.
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