October 4th, 2003

the best laid plans...

plan part one was to go to a bar in Fremont that Jeff likes, the Dubliner, and drink. however, that plan got overted by a couple of things: one, we got there, and there were no talbes, and there was two members of our party that needed to eat (Jeff and Dan). two, there were two members of our party that don't really drink (Ginger and Dan). thus, hanging out in a bar wasn't going to be that entertaining for them.

so the plan got revised to Mexican food and the liquor store. Ginger and i had already had dinner, so we had dessert (mm, fried ice cream) while the boys ate. then we chased around for an open liquor store. the one on 12th was closed. the one on 23rd was closed. we gave up, went to the store, got port and cider, and came home. i consulted the 'net and discovered that we could have made the store on Broadway or the one on 4th south. ohwell. tipsyness ensured anyhow, as did an mst3k'ing of Mission Impossible.

i'm still tipsy. soon, i will sleep.
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i will never understand the eternal fascination that the cats seem to have for sprawling all over my schoolbooks. :)
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