September 25th, 2003


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yesterday was a lazing about the house day. sleep late, cuddles, more cuddles. reading. i did a little bit of homework (*gasp*). luckily, my first assignments aren't due until the end of next week, so i have time to catch up on all that i'm not doing this week. :) i need to get post-its and more notecards...

we spent most of the afternoon playing Settlers. i napped. eventually, we headed downtown. frilly coffee for him and Italian soda for me (which he'd never had, a fact i'm still having issues believing). we headed out to Crossroads and had dinner with everyone. :) artisanal_xara and feebdaed found Crossroads just fine. after dinner, the four of us headed home, where there was oogling of the kittens and looking at the pictures they'd taken thus far, and then Spades until late. :)

today is ubertourist day.
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