September 24th, 2003

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yesterday, we slept late. mm, sleep. :)

we went up to the u-dist and wandered around. mostly music stores, though there were a couple of other stops too. eventually, we hit Cedar's for lunch and a pile of Indian food (samosas, paneer tikka masala, and naan stuffed with chicken, which sounds odd but was so good). there was more wandering - i was a girl and pulled poor Rat into Weaving Works - and coffee at Cafe Roma's, and a trip into the u-district Twice Sold Tales (how to know you're a geek; count the number of bookstores you've been in on vacation).

we caught a bus into downtown, and i drug him into Uwajimaya. mmm, crack. i made the mistake of asking if he liked Poky. :) so half our basket came from the snack aisle, and half of it was actually dinner stuff.

we headed home, and Ginger got in about two seconds behind us. and after that, there was pad thai (note to self, get a wok. a big assed wok) and edamame and people and Settlers and Stigmata, which i passed out through. twas a good day. :)