September 6th, 2003


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last night after work i drug (well, okay, he volunteered) Jeff to the "Gender Variant Variety Show" that the trans kids were putting on a their fundraiser for their con. there was some okay dancing, some pretty damn good singing, and some incredible spoken word. it was a good evening; lots of good feeling in the air. and we ended up with a fairly full house, so i think they ended up making a decent amount of money. at least, i hope so; i'll be curious as to what the final count is, Monday.

i went to a similar event last year, that was just spoken word, that was a fundraiser for the same con. i'd been volunteering at Lambert for maybe 5 months at that point, and still didn't really know anyone all that well yet. i didn't feel terribly comfortable. last night i knew more of the folks there, and talked to people, and felt a lot more relaxed, and enjoyed the show. i talked to our board president a bit, and my boss, and three of our volunteers who turned up (one of whom slid me into a hug as soon as he saw me, which was nifty.) i think somewhere along the way i found a little bit of the community i went looking for when i started volunteering, without realizing it, even if i still don't (and may never) feel precisely like it's my community.

before the show we grabbed a slice of pizza at Pagliachi's (tomato and basil, ohmyword good) and after, went back for raspberry gelatto. we'd been back at my house about two minutes when Dan and Ginger showed up with movies, including Identity, which Jeff and I hadn't seen yet, so the four of us watched that. that was one twitchy, mind-fucking little movie.

then i sat up and sleepily talked to my boy for awhile (two weeks! he'll be here two weeks from today) and crashed.

i wanted to sleep longer this morning, but my brain was having none of that.

this morning, i need to clean, eat some breakfast, balance my checkbook and budget for the next couple months. we're going to go run around Pike Place for a bit and get my produce for the week, then i get to go to work for a couple hours. it should be a nice day.
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Market Spice, in Pike Place Market, needs a sign on the door that says "we actually deal crack, it's just labelled tea, coffee, and spices." for someone who likes tea as much as i do... meep.
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