August 30th, 2003


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today's conclusion: Boca brand "chicken" nuggets, while of decent texture and breading, and nicely filling, have no taste. at all. i also got Quorn patties this week, and they're pretty tasty. i think i still like Morningstar Farms better, though.

second conclusion for the day: i should have gotten peaches at the market. a vendor gave me a slice, and dear god, it was good. but i already had more produce than i can reasonably expect to kill this week (2 heads of lettuce [though, one of those is for the party tonight], squash, eggplant, plums, oranges, garlic, nectarines, half a pound of cherries, several pounds of tomatoes, a pound of mushrooms) and i'm trying not to let my eyes get bigger than my stomach. :)

the u-dist farmer's market was nifty, but they didn't have everything i wanted (no mushrooms, oranges, or eggs, that i could see) so i ended up at Pike Place anyhow. that was productive, really. :)

it's a good day to be wandering around out there. :) but i need to go make a salad and finish finding the sink...
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party at The Family's. lots and lots of good food, wow. Deb, as always, makes an excellent cruise director. good conversations. booze. Apples to Apples. twas a good time, thank you for having us, guys. :)

and the head shaving went through as planned. :) pictures eventually.
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