August 15th, 2003

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i just talked to the most horribly perky woman on the face of the earth. think frat girl + cheerleader turned uberperky receptionist. owwwwwwww. my head hurts.

but, she wants to volunteer, so it's all good. :)
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- the web interface for Washington State Background checks is down. some sysadmin somewhere is having a very bad day.

- i have baby carrots. they are tasty.

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- thus far today, i have kept myself out of the doughnuts. i know that one won't kill me, but you get see the grease soaking out of these suckers. ouch.

- have i mentioned lately that i adore my boy? no? well, i do.

- i get to game tonight, woot. :) i need to figure out what i want to play this time... thus far in my DND life i've been a bard, a drawf that smashed a lot of things, and a halfling cleric that didn't do a whole lot except for annoy people, fall asleep, and fight with Lumpy, though the character was occasionally useful for chasing off the undead.

- i've been thinking about getting fitted for contacts again.

- i'm getting itchy for my next tattoo. i should start drawing things up. next summer is far away...

i should probably get back to work. :)
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