July 27th, 2003

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today, a bulleted list:

  • canoeing on lake washington and the creeks and such around it is much fun.
  • next time, lots more water. lots and lots.
  • when the nice lifeguard people offer to let you use their sunscreen, and you know you burn at the drop of a hat, borrow the damned sunscreen instead of saying "no, i think i'm going to be okay." at least i'll be brown in a couple days. and i was wearing a bandana, so my scalp isn't burned, for once.
  • Kieth's friend Brian is as quirky as he is, in different ways. together, they are terrifying and amusing.
  • three people in a canoe offers some interesting balance issues. and Brian and I kept running into things when we were the only ones paddling - shrubbery, the shore, and (almost) other canoes and kayaks. this led to much laughter from the back of the canoe.
  • the Applebees in Factoria is very convienently located.

it was a good day. rawr. :)
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