June 7th, 2003


killer breakfast

came home last night, napped a bit, studied for Spanish. Ginger and Dan came and fetched me (thankyou :) ) and we went and got more people, and we went over to the killer breakfast.

i died pretty quickly - Ginger's character threw mine down a hole, not realizing that the black orb of nothingness was in the hole, and so my character went *poof*. so i laughed, and studied some more, and passed out. they played until two people were left standing. then we came home, and passed out again.

i don't seem to be able to sleep anymore, so now i'm going to - guess what - go study some more. wheeee.
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(no subject)

well, i narrowed my paper topic by a lot, which will make it much easier to finish. unfortunately, i lost quite a bit of text in the process. further unfortunately, it needs to get finished tonight, because it's due monday, and i'm running all day tommorow. however, this is probably a good thing, so that i'll finally get the damned thing done.

rightright. forward, march.
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