May 10th, 2003


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well, i was going to cut out clothing tonight, but between wrestling with mogwai (she pretty much works now; we narrowed it down to a bad cd. thanks, guys) and spending a rather long time on the phone (*smiles*) i think that's being postponed until morning.
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productivity abounds...

- slept in
- called home. called little sisters.
- did a lot of dishes
- cut out and tried to put together a pair of pants. pants are going to take some practice.
- cut out a dress
- cut out a skirt
- put together most of another skirt. ran out of thread. need to get Ginger to show me (for the 80th time) how to rethread the sewing machine.
- watched (well, listened to) most of a movie
- exercised
- played a lot of AOE

oooh, thought, Mogwai will run AOM now without wheezing. :)

i get to trek up the hill to work soon, and then i'm going to come home, put together a pot of chili, and write my soc essay, instead of doing it tommorow. i have tommorow off, and if i do my homework tonight, tommorow can be mine, all mine. :)
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