April 27th, 2003


it is an incredibly gorgeous day outside. sunny, warm but not too, a little breezy. my god. it's the kind of day that reminds you of why you put up with Seattle winters. *purr*
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there's no place like home...

one of the trainers today was discussing the term "homeless" and how she prefers the term "street youth": "a lot of these kids have a home - they have an aunt and uncle, or cousin, or whatever, and they can go there and be loved and cared for, but for whatever reason, they don't live in that building. for four years, Kansas City, Missouri, was my home, even though my address was in Seattle." and i'm filling out my residency paperwork (damn, but they ask a lot of questions). i have to detail any abscences from the state for the last year, and when i was filling in my trip home last year for the sisters' graduations, i realized that i probably shouldn't put "visit home" as my reason for being gone if i'm trying to convince these people that i live here. :)

i refer to a lot of places as home. my house here is home. NC is home. if i'm out with a friend somewhere, and it's time to leave, i'll say "let's go home", even if we're going back to their place.

so, i'm curious... where's home for you? is it a place or a person or yourself? is there more than one? is it where you're currently physically at, or is where you're at presently just an address?
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