April 23rd, 2003


so, i've been putting off homework - food, LJ, email. i finished dinner, took the dishes into the kitchen, remembered my fortune cooking, grabbed it, brought it back to my room, ate. my fortune? you'll accomplish more if you start now.

yes, i'm taking the hint. :)
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(no subject)

okay. you'd think that the one word on this earth that i could spell was "volunteer". i was distracted. at least, that's my story, and all that. :)

not that my boss answered the mail that i wanted him to answer, anyhow.

i have accomplished a great quantity of spanish this evening. and there's a lot more. i'm not as bad off as i thought i was, but i do have an unholy amount of vocabulary to learn before monday.

the cats are terrors. i think they miss their mother. of course, so do i, but she should be in the state at this point, so... :)
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