April 15th, 2003

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i should know better than to think that i can eat lunch at work undisturbed. next time, i'll eat at subway instead of bringing it back to work. :)

test went ok. my reading comprehension and vocabulary and verb tenses are good. my listening comprehension is ass. i need to start doing the lab exercises before the test. which i know seems obvious, but we learn slow, sometimes.

i get to have dinner with Jillie tonight. :)
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so, by the time i got to the hospital and we left, there wasn't really time to get food and get Jillie to Crossroads, so she skipped the movie and let me kidnap her and babble at her for a couple hours. thankyou, dearie. :)

good Italian food at some random place in the u-village (can't remember the name) and then a bit of store wandering and then Ben and Jerry's.

Ben and Jerry's has Brownie Batter Ice Cream. dear gods, the stuff was good.

so now i'm full and happy and need to do homework. :)
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