April 12th, 2003

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productivity has abounded this weekend. thus far last night and today i have:

- done laundry
- rearranged my computer to be left-handed again; my right arm is considered happier
- cleaned and dusted my desk. some of those dust bunnies were sentinent beings.
- found my bedroom floor
- done homework
- tackled part of the mountain of dishes
- started getting caught up on sleep
- more dishes
- went to the library, where i got more books than i can read anytime soon.
- finally went to Toys in Babeland to use one of my birthday presents. :)
- gone to Fred Meyer for batteries
- been to the liquor store

any connections drawn between the last three items are stictly up to the audience.

now i'm finishing lunch, and then it's off to work to babysit the children for six hours. tonight's Girls Night - movies and Chinese food.
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