April 4th, 2003

in case anyone cares...

i'm going to be moving offices today, so at some point (once most of the powers that be get here, and stuff) i'm going to be offline for a good while. at least, i think we're doing the office move today, though i don't know if they ever got that room wired.

it's Friday. :) yay.
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i am a very, very tired joyce. but there's a frozen pizza in the oven, and stuff for pudding, and quiet house, and if i can get some homework done tonight, i'll be able to goof off this weekend with a much clearer conscience.
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(no subject)

the cat seems to think that my transcript is good bedding material.

yes, i moved the transcript.

yes, this means that i got my NCSU transcipts in the mail yesterday.

yes, this means that the UW has them, too.

no, i haven't finished my UW app yet. i've been procrastinating. it's on the list for this weekend. maybe i'll use it to procrastinate my homework. :) i have until the 15th.

my transcript's interesting. i thought i had more credits than i did. i have considerably less GPA credits than i realized; i'd forgotten that i had failed or repeated or gotten credit by NCSSM logic for some stuff. i -- hey, why the fuck is my coop term listed as unsatisfactory? despite the fact that i singlehandedly killed mail services one day, i did okay at cooping, and was asked to stick around for the summer, (though in a bit of temper i didn't). was there a report or something i was supposed to fill out that i didn't?


i got better grades in russian than i remembered.

overall, i had a slightly better GPA than i remembered; i was thinking it was a 2.4, when it's a 2.516 for some reason, being over a 2.5 makes me feel a lot better.
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