March 14th, 2003

and, a week later...

i actually feel reasonably human this morning. i'm still filled with snot, but i'm not "ohmygod, i'm going to keel over and someone is going to have drag my carcass to harborview and stick an IV in it" sick.

i didn't sleep too well last night, though. school stress, work stress. *shrugs* i need to finish an essay about post-modernism, and then i get to go back to bed for awhile. and then i get to go to work and catch up on a week's worth of crap...

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in the "i fucking rock" category: i got a 200/200 on that social inequality final paper. hehehehehehe. :)


thanks to everyone who answered that poll, btw. if you're curious and want to read the paper, let me know; a couple people expressed interest in seeing it...

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secret mission number one complete. *waggles eyebrows* going to start secret mission number two, and then, verily, collaspe in a pool of content. :)
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