February 23rd, 2003

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i had never seen any of the Back to the Future movies, and i had last night off from volunteering (Boys Night, a break i badly needed), so me and Chris and Heather and Ginger and Carl and Adam and Dan and Em rectified that.

fun movies. the time travel parts get a bit squicky by the middle of the second movie, but much fun. they watched the third one; i predictably passed out, since we didn't start it til sometime after 12:30, and it'd be a long day (the narcoletpic halfling lives.)

a very nice night, indeed. :)

i need to go do dishes and eat some breakfast and then get dressed and head back into work. though i'm digging this whole noon thing (normally, i have to be at work on sundays at 11).

this week and next, and i have my sundays back. kick. ass. :)
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