February 20th, 2003

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i was going to post this last night, but LJ was eating itself: Leah rocks.

i slept two hours more than i meant to this morning, but my cold is doing better.
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i really, really need to get to work. but my paper that is due tommorow is half done. no staying up until all hours for me tonight...
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today bits

- local folks, i highly recommend Aurora Medical for all your girly bit needs. they were nice, professional, knowlegable, and just in general cool. the only complaint i had was that they were a little slow to see people...
- work number one was choatic. i did my first potential volunteer interview.
- work number two was slow. i got out an hour early to come home and eat and shower and finish my paper. i'm 1200 words in already, since i worked on it this morning. this makes me happy. i think i need to do that again next week.
- i'm tired.
- tommorow is going to be a damned long day.
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