February 5th, 2003

(no subject)

i've been alternately sleeping and playing age of mythology. it's sooo pretty. :) [hugs to Chris.] however, it's now died twice in the space of five minutes. no error messages or anything, just cleany dying mid-game, leaving me staring at my background and wondering why my computer hates me. i can't decide if it's asking for a reboot, a reinstall, or if mogwai's finally trying to give up the ghost. i don't know enough about hardware to know what's likely to be going bad or what it would cost to replace, though.

or maybe the computer gods are trying to tell me to stop playing games and either do homework or go back to bed.

my boy is coming over in a bit to make me soup. :)
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    billie myers - kiss the rain (thunderpuss 2000 club mix)