January 29th, 2003

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i'm happy crazy in love and it's wonderful and nifty and stuff.

don't mind me; i'm tired and glowy, which makes for a babbly joyce. yay for scrambled eggs for dinner and chattering and cuddling.

i should probably go fall face down in my bed now, so i can get up and do homework in the morning.
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i want my damned w-2s so i can do my taxes so i can fill out new financial aid forms. :) so far, i have one out of four from last year.

i'm starting to think that i'm never going to manage to only work for one place in a year. the year i moved to utah, i had to do three returns (NC, UT, and federal) and i had ... five w-2s and my student loan interest statement. they year i moved to cali, it wasn't so bad - i had two w-2s, three returns, student loan stuff. 2001, when i moved to Seattle, i was only supposed to have one job all year, but i got laid off in the middle of it. that year was two returns (CA and federal) and 4 w-2s. this year is one return, 4 w-2s, and the student loan interest stuff. and i should check to see if i need any sort of receipt to claim the tuition credit.

at least the pile of paperwork is slowly dwindling with each year, right?
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woot. homework's done, and it's not even one in the morning. ;)

i should get on some clothes and tromp up the hill to Lambert, now.
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Ginger or Carl: have either of you seen my headphones? they were in my box of crap from work, and i don't remember moving them. they're black Kosses, with a like, 6 foot long cord on them.
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