January 20th, 2003

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good: i'm on the schedule for 20+ hours a week until at least the third week of february.

bad: it's mostly closing shifts.

good: i have an understanding boyfriend. and a fair amount of weekend time off, which gives me time for other people, too.

bad: i have homework, and i'm fucking exhausted. we were both so tired tonight that we ate dinner and napped. *amused*

good: i have ice cream.

indifferent: i should get to it.
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there's been a lot of moving around these parts lately... anyone else moving, or know someone who is, who needs boxes? we have some we need to get rid of.

i need to go to Target, or somewhere, this week, and see if i can find suction cups, or something, that are heavy duty enough to hang up the xmas lights, since we can't put pushpins in the walls. also... does anyone have any ideas on how to hang fairly heavy lamps from a pebbly finished ceiling? i'd love to (finally) hang the lamps that Jillie passed on to us last fall, but again, we aren't supposed to put holes in the ceilings/walls. (heh. this is the only time that i might concieve of wanting to own my own place.)

i think i need more glow in the darks for my room, too.

there's a pot of chili bubbling on the stove, and it smells darned good. and we can almost concieve of having an entire living room floor. not everything is getting put where it's going to end up, but it's at least getting the hell out of the middle of the way. :) next up, if i have time before leaving for work, is my bedroom floor. i'm feeling like, all nesty and stuff today. whee, eh? :)
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chili turned out well. i need to remember, however, that when using uber good chili powder, that it doesn't need nearly as much. =p

i should get dressed and go run up cap hill. wheeee.
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